Steel and Other Metallurgical Industries Hot & Cold Rolling Mills, Blast Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Walking Beam Furnaces, Sintering Plants, Continuous Casting Plants, Coke Oven Batteries, Material Handling Equipment, Raw material Grinding Plants
Paper Paper Machines, Pulp Plants, De-inking Plants
Power Turbines, Coal Grinding plants, Material Handling Equipment, Boiler Feed Pumps
Mining Dumpers, Shovels, Draglines, Excavators, Material Handling Equipment, Spreaders
Cement Heavily loaded Open Spur Gear Drives of Cement Mills & Kilns, Coolers, Sepax Separators, Crushers, Material Handling Equipment, Mining Equipment
Tyre & Glass Presses, Calendars, Individual Section Machines
Printing Ink Transfer Systems for Presses
Chassis Trucks, Trailers & Buses
Material Handling Stacker and Reclaimers, Bucket Wheel Excavators, Conveyors, Apron Feeders
Ports Quay Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Luffing Cranes, Stacker and Reclaimers
Aluminium Ball Mills, Rolling Mills, Filters, Smelters, Foil Plants, Casting Machines
Machine Tools Presses, Bending Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, General Process Machines
Chemical & Fertilizer Industry Crushers, Calciners, Ball Mills, Dryers, Granulators
Beverages Bottle Washer, Filler, Caser & Uncaser
Sugar Sugar Mills


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